How to Make High Quality Signage?

How to Make High Quality Signage

Sign making has a very mature technology. Generally speaking, it is still dominated by flat design. The structural elements that make up the plane are roughly divided into four parts: pattern, text, unit of measurement and color.

Pattern: Generally used patterns will have trademark drawings, graphic intentions and decorative drawings

Text: The text produced by the sign has the function of prompting warnings, conveying information, and stating the content, whether the font is appropriate, and whether the words are accurate. Usually we will consider the font, color, font size and appropriate production process of the text.

Unit of measurement: Each industry has different units of measurement, we generally use the international general measurement unit to make products.

Color: Color is the most sensitive and responsive information for human visual perception. Everyone has different color preferences. It has both commonalities and individual parts. Simple good-looking is not enough to be the only basis for judging the color of signage production. It includes psychology, physiology, aesthetics, environmental science and other disciplines. It is the most basic and important content of the aesthetics part of logo production.

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At the same time, it is also important to choose what material to use to make the sign. The following materials are often used: 1. Stainless steel is used to make signs. Stainless steel has super corrosion resistance, which can prolong the service life of the signs and has a beautiful appearance; 2. The biggest advantages of using Aluminum Profiles to make signs are light weight and easy molding. , Easy to use; 3. Acrylic signs have the characteristics of simple shape and low price.

By mastering the above points, we can produce high-quality signs. The following cases are the types of signs our company has recently produced.

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