The Production of Handmade Stainless Steel Signs

The Production of Handmade Stainless Steel Sculpture

Our common sculpture materials are gypsum, jade, resin, clay, wood, polystyrene foam, etc. The production process is generally divided into, the first type of sculpture, mainly wood, jade, stone and other hard materials that can be carved. The second type of dissolving and remodeling materials are mainly easy-to-shape materials such as clay, gypsum, and resin.

The material we are going to introduce today is metal sculpture. Generally, gold, silver and copper are widely used. Gold and silver materials are mostly used to make small accessories, while copper is mostly used to make handicrafts. However, their modeling techniques are generally It is smelted and polished to shape. Now what I want to introduce is the stainless steel material in metal. It is used to make sculptures. The process we use is welding, so how to weld is the key point. We can divide it into the following steps:

First: we use cheap polystyrene foam for product styling.

Second: We divide the product into small block sizes according to the size of the styling product, and encode the serial number.

fiesta signage

Third: cut stainless steel according to small product size, grind and number each stainless steel.

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Fourth: according to the number of each piece of stainless steel, put it on the corresponding number of the product, and weld each piece of stainless steel together.

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Fifth: Grind and polish the welded stainless steel, color the place to be colored, write the text where the text should be written, and finally complete.

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It is expected that the final completion will take a few days of patience, and will continue to be updated later.


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