The advantage that chooses aluminum light box display

The advantage that chooses aluminous profile lamp box has those?

  1. Choose the light box with good quality Aluminum Profiles, which is light in texture and long in service life;
  2. Choose Aluminum Profile light box, simple shape, convenient installation;
  3. Select profile light box. The size of the light box can be customized

Today I would like to recommend a product, Aluminum profile round double-sided light box/single-side light box

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Size: Diameter 300mm/400mm/500mm/600mm/700mm/800mm/900mm/1000mm/1200mm

Material:Aluminum frame+Acrylic panel+Aluminum back+removable pedestal from system

Technology: painting

Large quantities of stock, welcome to consult order!

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  1. abSalam

    La entrega fue rápida. Estoy muy satisfecho con el producto. Una gran empresa, ya recomendada para amigos

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