Different Forms of Illuminated Letters

Different Forms of Illuminated Letters

The luminous letters can be divided by the material used, or by the different luminous positions of the luminous letters. Here I will tell you in detail, to divide the luminous letters according to the material. We commonly use stainless steel luminous letters, galvanized Board luminous letters, sub-aluminum luminous letters, acrylic luminous letters, neon (silica gel) letters, etc.; according to the luminous position, it can be divided into: front luminous letters, back luminous letters, side luminous letters, full luminous letters, and letters that emit light at the same time on the front and back .

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Today, I will mainly talk about the luminous signage products we have recently made for our customers. They all use luminous letters made of acrylic material. Why choose acrylic? The main reason is that acrylic is easy to form, outdoor waterproof, and cheap. The picture below is a product produced for a customer.

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