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A pylon sign & pole signs is a tall, free-standing sign that consists of a sign cabinet and a pole covered by a pole cover, effectively concealing the pipes beneath it. Pylon signs can be single-sided or double-sided and are commonly used to attract the attention of drivers on busy roads or highways. They are particularly suitable for multi-tenant shopping centers as they can be elevated above obstacles such as trees or highway overpasses.

Installing a pylon sign involves excavating a hole to secure the pipe, concrete, pole assembly, sign cabinet assembly, and pipe sleeve. Optional features like an LED display, decorative elements, and accent lighting are available, but they will increase the overall cost.

Product Specification of Pylon sign and Pole signs 

Stainless Steel/ Aluminum Alloy/ Galvanized Steel/ Acrylic/ ABS etc
Available for any size, shape, color
Light Method
Illuminated or non-illuminated
Led life time
> 50,000 hrs
Working temperature
Power Supply
Input 110-240V/ AC; output 12V/ AC
Power supply or transformer and all installation accessories
Outdoor hotel, hospital, retail store, shopping mall, metro station, gas station, amusement park and various public places.
Lead Time
According to the cargo quantity
3 years for all pylon sign or pole signs

Pylon sign

Pole Signs


1, I want to make a door sign, outdoor guide sign or pole signs…, but i do not know which kind of materials, shape want.

=> You just want offer me the content information – including words, pictures and size, where you want stable, we will according your requirement offer an artwork for your reference, the artwork will be very clearly showed each detail for your confirm.

2, Because the sign always finished by painting, screen printing, we required product must be ECO- friendly?

=> We promise offer ECO- friendly product, we use High-quality automotive paint and Metallic ink for painting and screen printing finished, SGS certification, ISO9001,2000 factory.

3, I would like to Recycle signs, i want to change my nameplate, information in signs always?

=> We have the specially system, you can replace signs information anytime, anywhere.

4, What’s your company warranty, product resistant?

=> Chow Sign offer 3 years guaranty and life-time support. Any issue, we will work on the best solution for you.

5, When we get your product, I am not familiar with installation?

=> We will offer tools, Manual, keep you easy, simple finished installation.


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