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A self-service kiosk is an interactive tablet or touchscreen computer that enables customers to access information or services without the need for direct human interaction.

By implementing self-service kiosks, businesses can achieve faster and more efficient scalability while reducing costs. Visitors can independently perform self-service activities, eliminating the need to wait for employee assistance. This allows employees to focus on tasks that add more value to customers or engage in face-to-face interactions.

Integrating a self-service solution can streamline business operations, lower costs, and enhance customer satisfaction, leading to increased return visits. Self-service kiosks are widely applicable in various settings such as airports, office buildings for wayfinding and directories, hospitals, hotels in the hospitality industry, fast-food chains like Wendy’s and McDonald’s, banks and check cashing services in the finance sector, transportation hubs like airports and buses, libraries, and post offices…

Product Parameters of Self-service kiosk and wayfinding kiosk

Floor Standing  lcd advertising player 4K Vertical Monitor Totem Touch Screen Kiosk Display Digital Signage
Floor Standing
32/43 /49/55/65 Inch or customized
FHD IP Screen (10 Dots PCAP Touch Screen For Choice )
High Temperature Resistance /Explosion Proof Grass
Support Split Screen
Android / Windows OS ( Include CMS )
Viewing Angles
Full View Angle
Life Span
60000 Hours
Operation Conditions
0 ~ 50°C
10% ~ 90%

self-service kiosk

wayfinding kiosk




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